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Medical Index - H

1 High Dose Dexamethasone Suppression Test
2 History of the Pineal Gland
3 Hormone Replacement for erectile dysfunction
4 Hormones in Obesity
5 How are adrenalectomy operations performed?
6 How are androgen-secreting tumours treated?
7 How are drugs used to control Thyrotoxicosis?
8 How do hormones exert their effect?
9 How do Thyroid nodules present?
10 How do you induce (start) Anaesthesia?
11 How do you treat a Neuroblastoma?
12 How do you treat a Phaeochromocytoma?
13 How does Anaplastic Cancer of the Thyroid present?
14 How does Follicular Cancer of the Thyroid present?
15 How does one decide which way to treat Thyrotoxicosis?
16 How does Papillary Cancer of the Thyroid present?
17 How does Thyroid Lymphoma present?
18 How does Thyrotoxicosis present?
19 How is a Glucagonoma diagnosed?
20 How is a Neuroblastoma diagnosed?
21 How is a patient prepared for anaesthesia?
22 How is a phaeochromocytoma diagnosed?
23 How is a re-exploration of the Thyroid performed
24 How is a Thyroidectomy performed
25 How is a traditional parathyroidectomy performed?
26 How is a VIPoma diagnosed?
27 How is a VIPoma treated?
28 How is Acromegaly Diagnosed?
29 How is Acromegaly Treated?
30 How is Adrenal Insufficiency treated?
31 How is Adreno-cortical Carcinoma diagnosed?
32 How is Adreno-cortical Carcinoma treated?
33 How is an androgen-secreting tumour diagnosed?
34 How is an incidental adrenal lesion diagnosed?
35 How is an Insulinoma diagnosed?
36 How is carcinoid syndrome diagnosed?
37 How is Cushing's Disease Diagnosed?
38 How is Cushing's Disease Treated?
39 How is Cushing's syndrome diagnosed?
40 How is Cushing's syndrome treated medically?
41 How is Diabetes Insipidus Diagnosed?
42 How is Gastrinoma diagnosed?
43 How is Gastrinoma treated?
44 How is Graves' Disease diagnosed?
45 How is Graves' Disease treated?
46 How is Hyperprolactinaeamia Diagnosed?
47 How is Hyperprolactinaemia Treated?
48 How is Hypopituitarism diagnosed?
49 How is Hypopituitarism treated?
50 How is Hypothyroidism treated?
51 How is osteoporosis diagnosed?
52 How is osteoporosis treated?
53 How is Peyronie's disease treated?
54 How is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) investigated?
55 How is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) treated?
56 How is primary hyperparathyroidism diagnosed?
57 How is primary hyperparathyroidism treated?
58 How is SIADH Diagnosed?
59 How is SIADH treated?
60 How is the diagnosis of a Toxic Multinodular Goitre made?
61 How is the diagnosis of Adrenal Insufficiency made?
62 How is the Diagnosis of Gonadotrophinomas & TSHomas made?
63 How is the diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism confirmed?
64 How is the lesion treated?
65 How is the release of hormones controlled?
66 How is Thyroid Lymphoma treated?
67 Hydrocortisone Day Curve (HCDC)
68 Hydroxycorticosterone (18-OHB) and -cortisol (18-OHF) Tests
69 Hyperaldosteronism Investigations
70 Hyperparathyroidism Investigations