About Endocrine Surgeons

About Endocrine Surgeon

EndocrineSurgeon.co.uk was created by Mr John Lynn MS FRCS and was put together by him when working in the NHS and private sector in the United Kingdom. Mr Lynn's yearly experience is one of the largest in the UK and he treats patients from all quarters of the world. He has unrivalled experience in thyroid and parathyroid surgery and has trained a large number of endocrine surgeons world wide. 

Mr John Lynn has personally more than 30 years experience in the field of specialist endocrine surgery and has performed over 10 thousand neck explorations. Unlike most surgeons doing thyroid and parathyroid operations he is not a general surgeon but specialises purely in endocrine surgery. Having ones parathyroid or thyroid gland explored by a surgeon who spends a significant part of his or her time repairing hernias or removing gallbladders is quite safe but in Mr Lynn's view not ideal.

This website provides comprehensive and up to date information which is designed for both patients and health professionals. If you have any comments please e-mail Mr Lynn. Mr Lynn welcome comments which keep him aware of the views of his peers and patients.

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