There are a number of all in finance packages for the endocrine operations,details of which are available upon request.

When international VIP's patients demand all appointments are at times not considered reasonable and these demands interfere with  Mr Lynn's work pattern then this effects the charges considerably  This rarely occurs and when it does is usually  the fees are able to be estimated prior to surgery but is not always possible.

All major insurance plans are accepted, although some restrictions may apply with the level of coverage by some insurance companies. If in any doubt, check whether your insurers’ cover includes your treatment.Mr Lynn is a Fee assured consultant with Bupa

For those patients without health insurance an accurate fee will be set and honoured, although in exceptional circumstances modifications might need to be made. We take great care in keeping costs reasonable. We do expect surgical fees to be paid prior to admission

In all cases, detailed reports will be provided to referring d.octors following review in the follow-up clinic. 

All patients are informed of the exact nature of the surgery . We are unable to allow patients to be mislead as to the nature of their surgery. This has been a problem when family members forbid us to explain the nature of  the surgery for suspected cancer or a definite cancer. Surgery will not procede under such circumstances unless the patient is informed of the reason for the surgery. Mr Lynn has a zero tolerance for patients smoking in their room or suites as this not only against the law but is detrimental to the success of their operation.